Barbering Foundation Courses

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Barbering Foundation Courses

Well, our courses in barbering are filling up so fast! It seems that so many of our new candidates are wanting quality fast track foundation courses. From listening to the demand from our students, we are now offering all kinds of foundation courses.

As time goes on, we are increasingly shocked by what we're hearing that other trainers are teaching candidates. So many trainers out there are just after the money, and are NOT providing quality training?! WHY WHY WHY???

Barbering is a art form, and there are so many bad barbers out there. I'm often asked by people if I can recommend a quality barber, a question which honestly is getting harder to do! Then I hear about some of the shockingly poor advice given to candidates, both when asking what courses they need to do, and also when actually on barbering courses.

At Barber Academy National, we take pride in giving sound advice, and top quality training in all barbering skills and Gent's grooming. All of our courses are taught by top barbering barbers, so candidates have full knowledge of all barbering skills. They also get guidance to get themselves onto the right course, rather than just to the highest price! Honestly, some other training academies need to STOP thinking about taking money (and ripping off candidates!)  and others need to sort out the quality of the training they provide! I have had 4 candidates now that have an NVQ qualification, paid big bucks to get it - but can't even cut properly! Then we wonder why we have poor barbering out there!

Sorry, rant over! I love Barbering and have for 30 years, in Spain Greece and here. That's why I'm good at my job and will only teach quality skills to all candidates.

CANDIDATES please be careful who you book your training with! Lot's out there are providing really poor training, and won't give your money back.